Codeant Technology Hub Hour of Code: Kids Can Code

Hour of Code is a coding event Codeant adopts that summarizes the teaching and learning for the kids in all the schools we partner with.

We witnessed a wholesome of creativity and innovation at our schools as we joined forces with them for the Hour of Code!

This global initiative introduced our kids and students, from ages 5 to 17, to the exciting world of computer science through engaging activities and interactive tutorials.

For one exhilarating hour, our classrooms transformed into vibrant coding hubs. Students, grouped into energetic teams, embarked on a coding adventure.

Witnessing their passion and enthusiasm as they tackled challenges and brought their ideas to life was truly inspiring.

From building virtual calculators to designing intricate polygonal patterns, our young learners showcased their problem-solving skills and embraced the power of coding.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and collaboration, as they worked together to conquer coding challenges and celebrate their achievements.

What is Hour of Code?

codeant technology hub instructors

Hour of Code, a global initiative by, provides a fantastic opportunity for students and schools partnering with Codeant Technology Hub to experience the exciting world of coding.

This one-hour program offers a unique blend of learning and fun, igniting curiosity and laying the foundation for future success in the digital age.

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Why Hour of Code?

Codeant Tecnologhy Hub kids

This wasn’t just about learning; it was about igniting a passion for technology and fostering essential 21st-century skills. The Hour of Code provided a platform for the students to develop critical thinking, creativity, and computational thinking while having immense fun!

To mark their accomplishment, our students received certificates from, a testament to their dedication and commitment to learning. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and we’re thrilled to see their coding journey continue.

This is just the beginning! As a proud partner of Codeant Technology Hub, we’re excited to offer this valuable opportunity to all our partner schools. Join us as we empower the next generation of coders and unlock their potential to shape the future!

Benefits for Codeant Students

  • Demystifying Coding: Hour of Code removes the mystery surrounding coding, making it accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages and skill levels.
  • Developing Crucial Skills: Through engaging activities, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and computational thinking skills, valuable assets in any field of study.
  • Enhancing Creativity: Hour of Code empowers students to unleash their creativity, bringing their ideas to life through code and building interactive projects.
  • Sparkling an Interest: The program’s fun and interactive nature can spark a genuine interest in coding, leading students to explore further learning opportunities.
  • Building Confidence: Successfully completing coding challenges builds confidence and self-esteem, fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouraging further exploration.

Benefits for Partner Schools

  • Enriching the Curriculum: Hour of Code complements existing curricula, adding a hands-on and engaging dimension to computer science education.
  • Meeting Educational Standards: The program aligns with international educational standards, ensuring students acquire essential skills for the digital world.
  • Promoting STEM Education: Hour of Code promotes STEM education, encouraging students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Building Strong Partnerships: By partnering with Codeant, schools leverage their expertise and resources, creating a dynamic and supportive learning environment.
  • Unlocking Potential: Hour of Code opens doors to new opportunities for students, equipping them with the skills and confidence to thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.


Codeant Tecnologhy Hub Hour of Code

The Blueskies School, which is one of our partner schools has this to say:

“Today we observed the Hour of Code organized by our coding and robotics partner Codeant Technology Hub.

The Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science through fun activities and videos for learners of all skill levels.

Our learners grouped into teams and were engaged in a one-hour session of coding. During this time they were able to create codes for calculators, design for various polygons, etc.

It was indeed an hour of fun, critical thinking, and learning.

Our learners look forward to coding time and they were given certificates on completion of their projects within the time by”

So, that shows that Hour of Code has met its purpose.

Hour of Code Certification

Codeant Tecnologhy Hub Hour of Code certification

The Hour of Code is a global initiative that aims to introduce everyone to coding, regardless of their age or background.

By completing an hour of coding activities, participants can earn a certificate of completion. This certificate serves as a valuable recognition of your achievement and can be a great way to showcase your newfound coding skills.

Benefits of the Hour of Code Certification

  • Demonstration of accomplishment: The certificate provides tangible evidence of your participation and completion of the Hour of Code activities.
  • Motivation for future learning: Earning the certificate can boost your confidence and motivate you to continue learning and exploring the world of coding.
  • Boost to your resume or portfolio: Including the certificate on your resume or portfolio can demonstrate your interest in technology and your ability to learn new skills.
  • Sharing your achievement: You can share your certificate with friends, and family, or on social media, which can inspire others to learn to code as well.

How to Earn the Hour of Code Certification

There are two ways to earn the Hour of Code certificate:

  1. Complete an Hour of Code activity online: You can choose from a variety of activities on the Hour of Code website, tailored to different age groups and interests. Once you complete an activity, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.
  2. Participate in Codeant Technology Hub Hour of Code event: Many schools, libraries, and community centers host Hour of Code events. These events often include hands-on activities and workshops led by experienced coders. If you participate in an event, you will be able to receive a certificate of completion from the event organizer.

Hour of Code Activities by Levels

Codeant Tecnologhy Hub with Blueskies school

There are countless engaging Hour of Code activities available, catering to different interests and skill levels. Here are a few examples:

For Beginners:

  • CodeMonkey Jr. (Pre-reader): This playful adventure teaches basic programming concepts through interactive puzzles.
  • Minecraft Hour of Code (Grades 2+): Build and code your own world in the familiar Minecraft environment.
  • Dance Party (Grades 2+): Create your own dance routine using code blocks.
  • Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code (Grades 2+): Use code to build your own Star Wars galaxy and learn about JavaScript.
  • The Foos (Pre-reader – Grade 5): Help The Foos band members overcome obstacles using code blocks.

For Intermediate Learners:

  • AI for Oceans (Grades 2+): Help clean up the ocean using artificial intelligence.
  • Generation AI (Grades 2+): Use code and AI to create your own stories and poems.
  • Pirate Plunder (Grades 2-8): Solve puzzles and program your pirate ship to find treasure.
  • Code Club World (Grades 2-5): Design and code your own world in this open-ended game.
  • Box Island (All ages): Use code to help a robot escape a box-filled island.

For Advanced Learners:

  • Binary Code: How to Talk to a Spacecraft (Grades 6+): Learn about binary code and send messages to a spacecraft.
  • Spritebox Coding (Grades 2-8): Create your own games and animations using JavaScript and Java.
  • LiveCode Sound Boards (Grades 9+): Create interactive soundboards with code.
  • Spin Draw Animation Kit (Grades 2-5): Animate your own drawings using code.
  • Undersea Arcade Game Kit (Grades 2+): Build and code your own underwater arcade games.

This is just a small sample of the many Hour of Code activities available. With so much variety, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

What are the advantages of coding for kids from ages 5 to 13?

There are many advantages to teaching coding to kids from ages 5 to 13. Here are some of the most important ones:

Cognitive Development:

  • Problem-solving: Coding teaches kids how to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable steps. This helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that they can apply to all areas of their lives.
  • Logic and reasoning: Coding requires kids to think logically and reason through problems. This helps them develop strong analytical skills and the ability to think critically about information.
  • Creativity: Coding allows kids to express their creativity in a new and exciting way. They can use code to create games, animations, and other interactive projects that bring their ideas to life.

Academic Benefits:

  • Math skills: Coding helps kids strengthen their math skills by applying mathematical concepts like logic, algorithms, and number sequences in a practical way.
  • Language skills: Learning to code can also improve reading comprehension and writing skills. By reading and writing code, kids learn how to structure language and communicate clearly.
  • Overall academic performance: Studies have shown that kids who learn to code tend to perform better in other subjects, such as math and science.

Personal and Social Development:

  • Confidence: Successfully completing coding projects can boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem. This can motivate them to take on new challenges and persevere through difficult tasks.
  • Collaboration: Coding often requires collaboration. By working together on projects, kids learn how to communicate effectively, share ideas, and work towards a common goal.
  • Persistence: Coding can be challenging, but it is also rewarding. By learning to overcome challenges and persevere through difficult tasks, kids develop valuable life skills like resilience and determination.

Here are some additional advantages of coding for kids:

  • Prepares them for the future: In today’s increasingly technological world, coding skills are becoming essential for many careers. By learning to code at a young age, kids are preparing themselves for a successful future.
  • Boosts self-expression: Coding allows kids to express themselves creatively through their code. They can design and create anything they can imagine.
  • Provides a fun and engaging learning experience: Learning to code can be a lot of fun. Kids often enjoy the challenge of solving coding puzzles and seeing their creations come to life.

Overall, there are many advantages to teaching coding to kids from age 5 to 13. This valuable skill can help them develop important cognitive, academic, and personal skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:


Hour of Code is an invaluable tool for Codeant Technology Hub students and partnering schools.

By dedicating one hour to this engaging program, students embark on a journey of discovery, unlocking their potential and acquiring the essential skills needed for success in the digital age.

The combination of learning and fun makes Hour of Code a truly enriching experience, paving the way for a brighter future for students and schools alike.

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