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2023 Easter Coding and Robotics Bootcamp for Kids

This Coding and Robotics Bootcamp is designed to help your kids develop their creativity and critical thinking skills through engaging activities and projects.

Why Should I Register My KIds in This Bootcamp?

In the world of technology, the words coding and robotics are frequently used. These are the areas that everyone is talking about.

No matter the industry, and the cutting-edge technology, these are subjects everyone should be aware of.


Give your children the opportunity to explore these technologies while they are still in their formative years.


These are not passive but active activities. This allows them to learn from their mistakes and try new approaches to finding a solution.


Indeed, Coding and robotics are easy learning methods through which students or pupils explore and interact with their environment. This helps kids and even teenagers learn by doing.


Coding and robotics have proven to be good avenues or channels of relating with kids even kids with disabilities.

How our Easter Coding and Robotics Bootcamp for Kids work

Date: 10th – 28th April, 2023

Days of classes: Tuesdays to Fridays

Daily class Duration: 10 am – 1 pm

Age range: 5 years and above

Tuition: N30,000 per child but you will have a discount if you are registering two children or more.


These are likely questions you may ask us. We have provided you with the answers.


Can I pay in installments?

No, we don’t accept installment payments.

What is the duration of the bootcamp?

The bootcamp will last for an intensive 3 weeks of lectures

What will my kids come with for the bootcamp?

The younger ones from 5 years to 8 can come with tablets while those from 9 and above should come with a laptop.

What of some of us who are not in Owerri and Umuahia, but wish that our kids participate?

Not to worry, we have an online class made available just register here for the online class for those outside Owerri and Umuahia.

Why Coding and Robotics?

Robotics is actually an application of Coding because robots are working with computer instructions. To control a robot, it is necessary to program it. Learning to code can allow your child to program or control a robot, computer, and even drones.

But my child has been to this type of bootcamp, what will be different?

Our programs include intermediate and advanced courses for returning students. Our curriculum system shows an interesting path your child can take to continue their journey of coding and innovation. 

What is the difference between the computer science class my child receives in school and this one?

While most schools’ computer science curriculum teaches students how to use computer software (Microsoft Office, Paint, etc.), CodeAnt Technology teaches the basics of computer programming and how to build the program. We teach students how to build technology rather than just use technology.

Also, unlike most schools, we have a dedicated, professional, and experienced programming tutor for our students.

How will learning coding and robotics help my child’s education?

Learning robotics and coding helps develop many important skills that can help a child succeed in school and in life beyond. Some of these skills are problem-solving skills, critical and logical thinking, creativity, and computational reasoning skills. Children also use math and science skills to solve programming problems. In addition, we encourage collaboration and teamwork in our classes, thus helping the child to develop his self-confidence and social skills.

Why should I pay such an amount for my kids to learn coding?

Because technology and software control everything we do in this digital age So, demand for those who will create this technology has skyrocketed and this has made coding the number one in-demand skill for everyone in the 21st century.

Also, coding teaches creativity, logical reasoning, and critical thinking and most importantly helps us to solve problems by creating software that makes life easier for people.