Weekend Coding Classes

Perfect for busy schedules, our weekend coding classes offer immersive learning experiences. Kids can develop their coding skills while enjoying their leisure time.

Easter Coding Classes

Easter with learning! Our Easter coding classes combine festive fun with educational content, allowing kids to learn coding in a thematic and engaging environment.

Online Coding Classes

Learn coding from anywhere with our interactive online classes! Engaging instructors, real-time feedback, and fun projects make learning exciting for all kids.

Private Coding Classes

Tailored to your child's learning pace and interests, our private coding classes provide personalized attention and customized lessons for optimal learning.

Summer Coding Classes

Dive into coding during the summer break! Our summer coding classes are filled with fun, creativity, and learning, making the most of the holiday season.

Holiday Coding Classes

Keep your child engaged and learning over school breaks with our holiday coding classes. These courses offer a great way to balance relaxation and skill development.