The Role of AI in Robotics | Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications for Kids

Artificial Intelligence has rapidly increased in recent years and you can agree that it has now been integrated into our daily lives. From our Netflix recommendations to Google Maps to even the content we see on Facebook and Youtube. AI is now being used in every aspect of our lives so it is important to have a discussion on the role of AI in robotics and its implications for Kids.

It is not uncommon to see your child in front of their device watching Dora the Explorer or Frozen but the internet is a wide place and they can easily wander to places where children should never be found.

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand Artificial Intelligence and its implications for Kids

The Role of AI in Robotics

Since its creation, artificial intelligence has developed in a variety of hierarchical levels. Robotics was developed to be used in workshops for industrial purposes, and today it is difficult to find a field where it is not in use.

Robots were initially only intended to carry out a predetermined list of repetitive chores. At that point, only machine learning and artificial intelligence were used in automation.

Artificial intelligence began to be used in industrial robots that were digitally designed in the 2000s. Since then, a lot has shifted in the world.

Robotics and machine learning (AI) have been skillfully combined to expand the purported capabilities of robotic intelligence, giving it the ability to create a clear human vision and recognize powerful stimuli. Massive computers!

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Robotics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a field that is as pervasive as energy in the modern world, so their application in robotics is also becoming more significant.

Robots are being trained, and their precision is being increased, using precise machine learning techniques.

Robots can learn from artificial intelligence how to perform tasks like grasping items, understanding spatial relationships, computer vision, motion control, and other tasks that require them to interact with the world around them. Four categories can be generally applied to these functions:

  • Vision– with AI at work, robotics attains the capability to visualize and detect patterns that they have never hitherto encountered. AI not only smoothens detection but also works on these patterns with far more accuracy than conventional robotics.
  • Grasping- machine learning and artificial intelligence provide direction to the robots with knowledge of the most powerful position to grasp an object.
  • Motion Control- control of locomotive parameters becomes extremely crucial to provide a human-like figure to a robot. Machine Learning is a gift to robotics in this aspect as it enables obstacle awareness and dynamic interaction.
  • Data is the key to any project; only correct data make it successful.

How To Keep The Internet Safe For Your Kids

As a parent, ensure sitting with your children while they are using the Internet.

For really young children, you should sit with them when they are browsing through the internet, so you can see which sites they are visiting or what ads pop up.

Even when they are watching AI videos on Youtube Kids, it is important to sit with them once in a while to see what videos they are watching and the information the videos are trying to pass across.

What Role Does AI Play in a Child’s Life?

 the role of AI in Robotics

AI is all around us, you might not even be aware that you are using or interacting with it. As adults interact daily with AI, so do our children. It is important to have a discussion on Artificial Intelligence and its implications for Kids. 

Positive Implications of AI for Kids

Let’s first talk about the positive implications of AI for kids. 

Increase in technological Knowledge

I’m sure you’ve had an experience where you are having problems with your device and you call your child and they quickly and easily resolve the issues. Their ability to do this is heavily rooted in the fact that they got involved in tech and interacted with Artificial Intelligence at early ages. This gives them an advantage to quickly and easily understand technological devices.

Breaking Barriers in Education

Research shows that implementing Artificial Intelligence in education allows children to have interactive and engaging learning experiences. It also showed that it has the potential to help children develop their understanding of science and mathematics and also improve their academic scores. This will help remove barriers in education and ease their understanding of science and mathematics.

Future of Work

Artificial Intelligence is now being used in every single aspect of life. No matter your profession, AI is being implemented there. These children will soon grow up into adults working in departments that utilize Artificial Intelligence, it is important that they are educated about it now and have at least a basic sense of what it is and how it can be utilized to solve problems.

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Education is Fun

We all remember what it was like going to school on a Monday morning, after a very short weekend of non-stop games and relaxation. We all hated going back to school because we saw learning as work and not having fun. Artificial intelligence can change that, through the implementation of AI in robots, education can become fun. Children become excited to learn when the information is presented to them as a fun game, this will also increase their concentration and involvement. They become excited to go to school because they no longer view learning as work but as fun.


Before we spoke about how easy it is for children to wander off on the internet to places they should not be. This problem can easily be solved by the following:

  • Youtube Kids

This is Youtube made especially for children, to shield them from watching adult content on youtube. This application will only show content made specifically for children. The app is also set up by the parent to ensure that they have full control over what their children are watching

  • Google Family Link

It is a family parental controls service by Google that allows parents to adjust parameters for their children’s devices. The application allows parents to restrict content, approve or disapprove apps, set screen times, and more.

With regard to Physical Security, there are AI devices made specifically designed to track children to ensure they do not get lost. They come in wristwatches or wristbands.

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Negative Implications of AI for Kids

Reduction in Privacy

AI systems have the capability of analyzing children’s behaviors and patterns from their online activities. The data obtained can be misused or compromised. In the case of social networks, children are also at risk of cyberbullying and stalking, thereby putting their safety at risk.

Loss of Reality

This occurs when your child spends too much time on their devices and slowly loses sense of what is real and what is fake. They are no longer able to differentiate between what is real and what is not.

Low Academic Performance

It is known that too much of anything is not good. Although Artificial Intelligence when implemented in education can help boost your child’s academic performance. It is important to know that Artificial Intelligence is also implemented in games and this might reduce the focus on and concentration of your child. Setting screen time is very important so they can both play and also do school work.

Reduction in Physical Health

As before, spending too much time on the Internet is not good. The constant watching of YouTube videos and playing games will eat into the time they are supposed to spend exercising their bodies. And constantly staring at the screen can seriously damage their eyes.

Reduction in Social and Emotional Development

Children who become dependent on AI-powered devices may lose their ability to engage in face-to-face interactions with other children. It is important to also ensure that they spend enough time with children their own age to ensure that they can improve their social and emotional skills

Frequently Asked Questions

What Role Does AI Play in a Child’s Life?

AI is all around us, you might not even be aware that you are using or interacting with it. As adults interact daily with AI, so do our children. It is important to have a discussion on Artificial Intelligence and its implications for Kids.

How do I protect the privacy of my children?

You can protect the privacy of your children by doing the following:
Having conversations with them about technology and Social Media
You should be following your children on all of their social media. You should also let them know that you are following them just to keep up with them and know what they are doing.

How can I control my kids’ social engagement online?

Every day or week, have conversations with them about what is trending on social media. This will improve your relationship with them and increase their trust in you.
Through this, if they are ever going through anything such as being bullied online, they will open up to you and both of you can work out a solution to put an end to it.


In considering the role of AI in robotics, Artificial Intelligence has both positive and negative implications for kids. The good news is that the negative implications can easily be solved.

The Role of AI in Robotics is one that needs to be learned even as kids are being taught robotics in bootcamps.

Overall, Artificial Intelligence is important to children and they should be encouraged to learn more about it with the close supervision of their parents.

We have resources on robotics that can help your kids start their journey.


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