How To Build A Robot From Scratch As a Beginner In 2024 | Full Guide

Nowadays, we see robots appearing in so many areas of day-to-day life. Educators find that getting kids to make their own robots is not only fun but an awesome educational experience. It helps children develop their interests in STEM subjects early in their lives, laying a foundation for future study. But how to build a robot from scratch is not too easy but is doable.

Robotics has been on the increase in recent times. Kids are even engaging in it as it builds their knowledge of the trending 21st-century technology.

Watching Spy Kids was a revelation to me. And that movie clearly showed how good kids can be in robotics and tech. This is a field parents need to teach their kids as they are growing up into teenagers.

This how-to build a robot from scratch applies to kids and beginners of all ages. You will be equipped with the fundamentals of building a robot from scratch in this blog post.

But before that, we will explore some terms and basics.

What Is A Robot?

A Robot is a type of automated machine that can execute specific tasks with little or no human intervention and with speed and precision.

The field of robotics, which deals with robot design and making robots at home doesn’t have to be very complex or hard to do.

How Do You Build a Robot? 

1. Select a manageable project where your kids can do most of the work themselves.

Take into account the child’s age and experience (robots for preschoolers would be vastly different from robots for teenagers) as well as their abilities and interests.

2. Have a step-by-step procedure laid out clearly. Failing to plan is planning to fail, as they say. To make your project as seamless (and fun) as possible, make sure you have each step listed and understood before starting.

3. Identify what materials to build a robot you will require. Once you have your tools and materials list, having them all assembled in your workspace and ready to go will be a nice touch.

4. Remember the reason you started this project. Making a robot is a fun, exciting experience for kids (and many adults too!).

Whether it be purely for fun or if they need help to brainstorm robot school project ideas, this whole process is a great way to tap into your kid’s creative and critical thinking side.

Stay engaged with your children and focus on the learning and fun aspects of building this together.

5. Let the kids take charge and keep patient. While you might find it easy to take over the robotics projects you are undertaking with your kids, especially if it becomes particularly tedious, resist this temptation if you can.

Yes, this may prove difficult, especially if you see your kids struggling with certain aspects and it takes more than a couple of times to get it right. Keep patient, and calm, and make sure you encourage your kids on their way to success!

Be prepared for setbacks and go back through the steps all over again in case your DIY robots do not work at first. Let them do as much of it as they can, however many attempts it takes!

4. Celebrate once your project is complete! Even if you created a DIY mini robot, or any other simple robots to make at home with no complicated Arduino microcontrollers or robot actuators, it is still no small feat.

For a young child to create a mechanism that will move and operate on its own is impressive and should be celebrated for the massive accomplishment that it is.

You’ll find that building programmable robots is a fun and engaging way for kids and teens to become STEM-literate.

In addition, familiarity with science and technology and understanding these and other STEM subjects is a valuable asset for future success.

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A Robot Idea You Can Make At Home

Drawing Robot

You can make a painter robot that will be creating real robot art for you. All you need is a couple of markers and a piece of cardboard. Similarly, to other simple DIY robots for kids’ ideas, a vibrating motor will set it in motion.

The only tools you will need are glue and your hands.

Materials needed:

1. three magic markers;

2. a thick piece of cardboard;

3. a small vibrating motor;

4. a battery;

5. a piece of sticky tape.

Steps To Create A Drawing Robot

1. Create a base – take a piece of cardboard, cut it into a triangle with smooth angles, and make holes to fit magic markers on each edge.

2. Make also a hole near the center of the cardboard triangle to fit the vibrating motor.

3. Glue the motor into the hole and glue the battery’s edge onto the cardboard near the motor.

4. Thread magic markers (use different colors for more fun) through the cardboard holes.

5. Take a piece of sticky tape and use it to firmly attach the motor’s wires to the battery

All Robots Have Some Common Characteristics, Such As The Following:

1. Mechanical Construction

2. Electrical components

3. Computer programming

How To Build A Robot From Scratch Video


Building a robot can also be a way to make it fun for kids to try computer programming.

Robot programmers use complex languages, but kids as young as four years old may be able to learn simple robotic coding, using inputs, choices of actions, outputs, and choosing reactions to feedback.

Learning how to build a robot from scratch is a good way to maximize the creativity of Kids.


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