How To Create A Succesful Coding Or Robotics Club For Kids

Clubs are great platforms that enable a person to learn, interact, and share ideas and insights. Coding or robotics clubs are excellent for kids to start their careers in the technology space.

If you have the drive to create something very meaningful like coding or robotics clubs, then you are at the right place and at the right time.

Before you jump into this ocean full of ideas and easy processes, be very aware that starting something as big as a successful coding or robotics club for kids will require patience, determination, and resilience.

This article can be your ultimate guide to creating a successful club for kids. Hope you are ready to dive into the ocean now. If you are, then I am. Let’s go!

First Thing First: Get The Administrator To Approve

One thing you have to note always is that you cannot create a successful coding or robotics club for kids alone. Well before we decide on that, let’s get the school’s administrators to agree.

I believe there is someone who has to agree with your idea before you can move forward, especially in a school setting. 

Important questions to consider before making a move.

How much is your budget?

You must decide how much money you need to create a successful coding and robotics club for kids. How much will the robotics kits, tools, and computers cost? Will you pay an instructor a training fee? How about unexpected expenses? Estimate the necessary prices and document.

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What age range is the club open to? Or is it open to everyone?

Are the members of the coding and robotics club for kids just elementary kids or lower graders? Depending on what you have in mind, decide on your unique members.

When will the coding and robotics club for kids take place? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

You need to have a plan for the particular day or days the club will run. Would you rather prefer a once-a-week or once-a-month meeting? 

Who exactly will be in charge of running the coding and robotics club for kids?

This is another question you need to answer. If you have the intention of running the club yourself then you can skip this question.

In cases you don’t intend to do so, decide on who you would appoint to run the coding or robotics club for kids. Also, ensure you meet the requirements of the school to avoid them rejecting your proposal.

If you’re setting up the robotics club as part of a school, then you’ll want to make sure you have enough adults for the age and number of students involved. Check with the administration to make sure you meet the requirements for your school.

These questions are essential and you must have answers to them before meeting the school’s administrator or head.

Getting the administrators to approve is the first step and also the most important one because if the administrator(s) decides that your idea is not buyable then it is as good as dead unless you want to start a private coding or robotics club for kids.


Below are some great tips you can employ.

  • Make them understand the specific values the club will provide.
  • Get them to understand why the school needs to have one
  • Get them to understand how it will improve kids’ abilities to learn coding and build robots.

There are so many things you can say. I encourage you to do some research before you pitch your idea and don’t forget to document your mission, vision, and benefits of the coding or robotics club for kids.

Decide on how to get funds

Purchasing tools and equipment for the coding or robotics club can be very tasking but there are some proven ways you can request funding.

  • You create a GoFundMe profile and carefully write about the importance of the coding or robotics club for the kids.
  • Apply for various STEM grants that are targeted at teachers or students to improve their learning.
  • Request help from Community members and fellow educators the world around to support your goals by posting on your social media platform.
  • You can engage in some Fundraising projects to reach parents and community leaders. This can be done by also getting the kids involved in selling baked snacks, hanging posters, road walks, etc. Another way is by speaking directly to parents, groups, and events about your project.

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Time to pick out your tools for your coding or robotics club for kids

While funds start coming in, choosing and purchasing the appropriate tools for the coding or robotics club is another goal.

The club tools you purchase are as important as the club itself. Without the tools, the major purpose of the club which is to encourage the easy learning of coding or robotics will not be achieved.

So here is a list of tools and gadgets you will need to get started. Don’t worry so much about buying everything when you are just starting because of the availability of funds.

This list is absolutely comprehension and great for a start.

  • Coding or robotics kits

What is a coding and robotics club for kids without coding or robotics kits? This is highly needed to ensure the success of the club.

The kit you purchase must suit the age group that is members of the coding or robotics club. You can check some kits out at  Amazon.

  • Laptops or computer systems

You can encourage the kids to bring their gadgets or make use of the school’s computer lab. The computers must have a good processor, RAM, and operating system.

Some extra tools you can consider are basic tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, scissors, glues, and printers.


Starting something as big as a coding or robotics club for kids can be a great deal and overwhelming that is why you must have a small team you can share your vision with.

It might not be as successful as you expected from the start but you have to be strong-willed to get the club there.

Go through the steps as often as you can. Carefully plan out all you need to do and then a successful club for kids will be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does robotics require programming?

Yes, robotics needs programming. Coding is an essential set of instructions that a robot can read and execute.

Is coding the same as robotics?

Although Robotics and Coding are similar, the main difference between the two is that Coding is mainly based on software, whereas Robotics is a combination of software and hardware.

What is coding and robotics education?

The Coding and Robotics subject is aimed at guiding and preparing learners to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively and creatively, function in a digital and information-driven world, apply digital and ICT skills, and transfer these skills to solve everyday problems and their possibilities.


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