15 Most Expensive Water Toys for Kids in 2024

Before we dive into the world of the most expensive water toys for kids in 2024, let’s all agree on one thing – the water’s edge often makes childhood memories.

Whether it’s splashing in a pool, building sandcastles on the beach, or embarking on adventures with water toys, these experiences are cherished by children and parents alike.

This article explores the latest and greatest in water toy innovation, showcasing the top 15 most expensive and exciting options available this year.

Imagine a warm summer day, the sun shining brightly in the sky, and the sound of children’s laughter filling the air. It’s the perfect setting for some water fun.

This scenario often includes water toys that can take the joy of aquatic play to a whole new level.

From the simplest inflatable floaties to complex, high-tech watercraft, the world of water toys for kids has seen remarkable advancements.

Every year, parents and caregivers eagerly anticipate the release of the latest and greatest water toys to keep their young ones entertained and engaged during the summer months.

This year, there’s an exciting array of water toys available that combine innovation, safety, and, of course, plenty of fun.

In this article, we promise to introduce you to the top 15 most expensive water toys for kids in 2024.

We’ll not only describe each of these extraordinary toys but also discuss what makes them stand out.

Whether you’re a parent looking to provide your child with an unforgettable summer or simply curious about the cutting-edge water toys of the year, you’re in for a treat.

Have You Ever Wondered What The Most Extravagant Water Toys for Kids Look Like?

Get ready to be amazed as we dive into the world of aquatic extravagance and introduce you to the top 15 most expensive water toys that promise to make this summer unforgettable for your little ones.

The top 15 Most Expensive Water Toys for Kids in 2024

Without further ado, let’s jump into our list of the top 15 most expensive water toys for kids in 2024:

1. BANZAI Speed Slide Water Park

BANZAI Speed Slide Water Park, Length: 14 ft 7 in, Width: 9 ft 6 in, Height: 8 ft, Inflatable Outdoor Backyard Water Slide Splash Bounce Climbing Toy : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

A huge water park for the backyard. This speed slide water park has a slick slide with a safe bottom landing pad. The water-spaying arch keeps you wet on the way down. Climb up and plunge into fun! Unfolds and inflates in 3 minutes.

Price: 580,000

2. Resilia – Super Slip Waterslide Extreme

Resilia – Super Slip Lawn Water Slide Extreme, 150 Feet Long x 12 Feet Wide, for Adults and Teens, Powder Blue with Hold Steady Stakes : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

This giant waterslide will keep you having fun in the sun for hours and is made from ultra-sturdy plastic sheet material to hold up for use by teens and adults alike. The unique high slip material is made for wet and wild fun, treated with UV stabilizer for lasting fun, and a light blue colour to keep the slide temperature low and protect the lawn

Price: 410,000

3. Bestway Inflatable Water Park | Bouncy Castle, Water Slide

Bestway H2OGO! Inflatable Water Park | Bouncy Castle, Water Slide and Pool for Kids, with Climbing Wall, Turbo Splash Water Zone : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

Why leave your home when you can have your very own Constant Air Turbo Splash Zone Mega Water Park! Great for kids aged 5‑10, they will love climbing the wall, sliding down the curved slide, or soaking their friends with the water spray cannon. 

Designed to keep kids moving this inflatable water park has a climbing wall, with 3 handles and 5 feet, to get to the top before bouncing down on the slide.

Featuring a large play pool to splash into at the end of the slide, this inflatable water park has everything you need to keep the kids entertained throughout the summer!

There’s even a secret bucket at the top of the slide that randomly drenches anyone and helps to keep the slide super slippery.

The included air blower makes setup quick and easy.

Simply attach and watch as the park comes to life in less than 2 minutes. Once inflated, use the included ground stakes to secure the park, and watch as your kids and their friends explore their inflatable park!

Price: 380,000

4. FMT Volantexrc Vector PRO Angry Shark 

FMT Volantexrc Vector PRO Angry Shark 798-2 800mm 2.4G 2CH Brushless RC Boat ARTR Toys with Metal Propeller with Auto-Righting Structure ~ Fun for Freshwater, Pools, Lake, River : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

Your kids get to have so much fun playing with this fun, multicoloured boat. Your child can play with the boat in pools, lakes and rivers. With a very rigid and durable body, your children will be able to play with these toys with all of their friends. Racing with the boat and seeing how fast it can go.

Price: 370,000

5. Feber Mega Slide and Water Slide:

Feber Mega Slide and Water Slide – Slide | bol.com

A waterslide with a maximum platform height of 185cm, a sliding length of 300cm. The Feber Mega Giant slide is equipped with a water hose fitting and is one of a kind.

This huge slide is very sturdy and has a tubular steel frame as its base.

Children can safely climb through the sturdy steps and handrails. At the bottom, the garden hose can be connected for even more fun!

Great slide for hours of fun! Foor children, aged 3 years and older. 

Price: 330,000

6. Yamaha Aqua Cruise electric inflatable scooter

Yamaha Aqua Cruise Electric Inflatable Scooter | bol.com

The Aqua Cruise is the original inflatable water scooter, easy to assemble and use, allowing children and adults alike to enjoy the waves.

It is equipped with safety, which makes it very safe and reliable for every child from 5 years and weighing up to 70 kg. The Aqua Cruise climbs to 3.2 km/h. It is for children from 5 years.. The Aqua cruise moves fast at a speed of 3.2 km / h.

Price: 320,000

7. Zoostliss Giant Rolling Wheel Heavy Duty Inflatable Roller 

Zoostliss 73″ XL Giant Rolling Wheel Heavy Duty Inflatable Roller Wheel for Pool Lake Backyard Lawn Active Outdoor Play : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

This giant rolling wheel fits up to 2 kids and can hold up to 400 pounds due to the thickened materials. Kids can lie inside the wheel and float on the water, sit on the wheel play with water on their feet, or walk inside to make the wheel roll forward like a hamster. Children less than 4.4ft can even stand in the wheel. Constructed of non-toxic, thickened durable materials, can be used not only on water like pools or lake but also on outdoor grounds like lawns or backyards.

Price: 290,000

8. Aquaplay Waterbaan 1680 Giga set

Aquaplay Waterbaan 1680 Giga set : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

AquaPlay Waterbaan will keep your kids busy for hours. Many play possibilities await them thanks to the extra large water track over 3 meters by 3 meters! Using the crank with scope surfaces, children can produce flows into the water circuit; the water level can be filled with a water pump. The water park comes with 11 boats, 8 figures, and many other additional accessories.

Price: 270,000

9. High-Speed Competition Remote Control Speedboat

High-Speed Competition Control Boat Large High Speed Water Remote Control Speedboat Toy Boat Boy Simulation Remote for Christmas Hobby Road Race Girls Kids Adults 3-12 Year : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

Do you want your child’s boat to come in first place in a race with his/her friends? Then this is the boat for you.

This water-proof boat’s engine starts only when water is detected (which protects the engine and extends its life). This remote-controlled boat can be played continuously for 20 to 30 minutes.

Price: 250,000

10. Step2 Duck Dive Water Table

Step2 Waterpark Wonders Two-Level Water Table – Children’s Water Toy with 2… | bol.com

Will your diver make the biggest jump? With the Step2 Duck Dive™ water table, kids will be captivated by cause-and-effect play by playing with water all day long. Two rubber ducks and a squeeze frog stimulate your children’s sensory abilities as they throw them or play with them in the water.

Take turns using the side fin to see who can make the highest jump and the deepest dive! Splash from the water tower – pour water into the funnel and watch the water wheel spin.

Create big tidal waves in the pool and let the ducks and frogs splurge! The large water table design and included accessories make it easy to play fun social games with friends and practice sharing.

Price: 200,000

11. The Step2 Car Wash Splash Center 

Step2 Car Wash Splash Center Water toys in Car theme – Water table made of plastic… | bol.com

This toy car wash stimulates social play with enough space for several children to practice sharing. The Step2 Car Wash Splash Center is a great way to encourage your kids to think “outside the box” and let their minds wander to imagine their own version of a car wash.

Pour water on top of the roof and watch the effect of the rainfall as the water flows down through the windshield and the maze at the rear.

This backyard water toy is a great way for kids to mimic their parents, from washing the car with the included cloth and spray bottle to filling the gas tank and opening the drain plugs to “change” the oil when the fun is over.

There’s even plenty of room for several kids to play together, such as standing activities at the front and trunk, and sitting in the car and pretending to drive!

Price: 190,000

12. SpyraThree

SPYRA™ | experience the world´s strongest water blasters

3 game modes equals 3 times the power, 3 times the juice and 3 times the epicness. With the SpyraThree™ you have the upper hand on the playing field. Their engineering team has enabled the most epic water blaster.

With the SpyraThree™ you have the chance to switch between three play styles. Choose the style that is right for you and the occasion.

Open mode: Just fire away as you like. Every time you pull the trigger, a powerful water blast will be released.

Burst mode: Fire 3 super fast, consecutive, ultra-powerful water blasts every time you pull the trigger. But beware, your tank will be depleted insanely fast.

League mode: This is our official SPYRA tournament mode. Your rate of fire is restricted, but keep the trigger pulled to release a PowerShot for superior range and impact.

With the SpyraThree™ you can hit targets up to 10 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. With the PowerShot of the League mode, you even have a range of 15m.

Price: 170,000

13. SpyraTwo

SPYRA™ | experience the world´s strongest water blasters

SpyraTwo brought high-tech to the water gun and water fun to the next level. The outcome: A powerful and fully automated colossus of a water gun.

To make the gameplay perfect, our developers have come up with a few twists.

You can shoot up to 3 blasts in succession. After that, your blaster needs a few seconds to reload new blasts.

On the display, you can always see how many blasts are ready to fire by the bars on the right.

This game mode is not only about soaking the enemy from top to bottom but also about shooting strategically.

If you push the trigger longer, a PwerShot is loaded. This is as powerful as 3 individual shots and gives your opponent another good hit. 

Price: 141,000

14. VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad for Kids and Dog

VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad for Kids and Dog, Thicken Sprinkler Pool Summer Outdoor Water Toys – Fun Backyard Fountain Play Mat for Baby Girls Boys Children or Pet Dog (87 inch, Red&Yellow&Green&Blue) : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

VISTOP SPLASH PAD, a must-have summer funny toy for kids / Pet Dog. It is 100% eco-friendly PVC material, harmless to children’s health making it a good choice for environmentalists.

The anti-skid lines on the product ensure the safety of children when playing with water. You can adjust the height of the water by changing the water pressure. Lastly, it is easy to use, carry, and store.

Price: 100,000

15. Kidoozie Crazy Caterpillar Sprinkler Outdoor Toy

Kidoozie G02541 Crazy Caterpillar Sprinkler Outdoor Toy : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

You never know where the water is going to go with the Kidoozie Crazy Caterpillar Sprinkler. This caterpillar has eight crazy legs that wiggle all around and shoot water in every direction. Who knows where it goes next?

Everyone loves it when kids are active. It’s healthy fun and it burns off all that excess energy.

Bring home the Crazy Caterpillar Sprinkler to get your children running around the yard. It’s good clean, and fun for everyone.

Don’t worry about any complicated connections or attachments. This sprinkler screws easily onto any standard garden hose. In just minutes, your family can be having a wild wet time.

Price: 35000

Now that we explored the top 15 most expensive water toys for kids, let’s address some common questions and concerns that parents and caregivers may have regarding these aquatic marvels.

Are these water toys safe for children?

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to children’s toys, especially those designed for water play.

Many of the water toys on our list come with safety features such as non-slip surfaces, secure harnesses, and durable materials.

However, it’s crucial for parents to closely supervise their children during water play and ensure they are using the toys as intended.

What age group are these water toys suitable for?

The age appropriateness of these water toys varies. Some are designed for toddlers and young children, while others are better suited for older kids or teenagers.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommended age range before purchasing a water toy to ensure it’s suitable for your child’s age and developmental stage.

Are these water toys easy to set up and maintain?

Most of the water toys mentioned in our list are designed to be relatively easy to set up and maintain. They often come with user-friendly instructions and may require minimal assembly.

However, inflatable toys should be properly inflated and stored to prevent damage, and water quality should be considered for toys like water slides or floating islands.

What precautions should be taken when using these water toys?

When using these water toys, it’s essential to follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Ensure that children wear appropriate safety gear, such as life jackets if needed.

Also, make sure the water area where the toy will be used is free from hazards, and always supervise children during water play.

Do these water toys require special maintenance or storage during the off-season?

Inflatable water toys, in particular, should be properly deflated, cleaned, and stored in a dry place when not in use. This helps prolong their lifespan and ensures they are ready for fun in the next season. Other toys like water trampolines may require disassembly and secure storage.

Can these water toys be used in different water settings, such as pools, lakes, or the ocean?

Many of the water toys listed here are versatile and can be used in various water settings, including swimming pools, freshwater lakes, and calm ocean conditions. However, it’s essential to consider factors like water depth, currents, and local regulations before using them in different environments.

What is the warranty and return policy for these water toys?

Warranty and return policies vary among manufacturers and retailers. It’s advisable to read the warranty information provided by the manufacturer and understand the return policy of the retailer from whom you purchased the water toy. This can help you address any unexpected issues or defects.


Now, you have a unique opportunity to elevate your child’s outdoor playtime to new heights—literally and figuratively—with these top 15 most expensive water toys.

Whether you have a budding daredevil, a water-loving explorer, or a little one who simply enjoys splashing around, there’s a water toy on this list to suit every taste and preference.

From the heart-pounding excitement of rocketing down a towering water slide to the serene relaxation of floating on a luxurious inflatable island, these water toys offer a wide range of experiences.

They not only provide endless fun but also foster creativity, physical activity, and valuable social interactions among kids.

Remember that while the price tags on these water toys may seem steep, the memories and moments they create are truly priceless.

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a family reunion, or a simple weekend getaway, investing in one of these extraordinary water toys can turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable adventure.

So, as the temperature rises and the sun beckons, consider treating your children to one of these exceptional water toys.

Watch their faces light up with excitement, listen to their laughter fill the air, and know that you’re providing them with a summer they’ll cherish forever.


How much do water toys cost?

The cost of water toys can vary significantly, with some more affordable options starting around $20 and high-end models reaching thousands of dollars, depending on complexity and features.

Why do kids love water toys?

Kids love water toys for the sheer thrill of splashing, sliding, and getting wet.
Water toys provide a refreshing break from routine and encourage outdoor play and physical activity.

Are reusable water balloons the best toys?

Reusable water balloons can be a great choice for eco-conscious families in 2023. They reduce waste, are cost-effective in the long run, and offer endless water-filled fun without the hassle of filling and tying traditional balloons.


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