How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft With Safety | Easy Guide

Have you been wondering how to get honeycomb in Minecraft or get it without the beehive? This blog post will provide you with all you need to know.

Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios, one of the most popular games among kids and adults, continues to offer a great way to introduce kids to the world of coding and gives players a vast and immersive world to explore and create in. 

With its ever-expanding universe and continuous updates, the game introduces new features and mechanics to keep players engaged. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the fascinating world of Minecraft beekeeping. Also, learn how to get honeycomb in Minecraft which is a valuable resource in the game.

One such addition that has captivated the Minecraft community is the introduction of bees and honey-related items, including honeycombs.

The Buzz Around Bees in Minecraft

Bees were introduced to Minecraft in version 1.15, also known as the “Buzzy Bees” update. 

This charming addition brought a whole new dimension to the game’s ecosystem, as bees buzzed around pollinating flowers and producing honey. 

Not only do bees enhance the aesthetics of the world, but they also serve as essential entities for harvesting honeycomb, a resource used in various crafting recipes. 

Understanding the mechanics of beekeeping is crucial to obtaining honeycombs successfully.

The Quest for Beehives and Nests

To embark on the journey of beekeeping and acquire honeycombs, players must first locate bees and their dwellings – beehives and bee nests. 

Bees can be found in flower-rich biomes, such as plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests.

Upon spotting bees, players can follow them to discover beehives hanging beneath oak or birch trees or bee nests nestled on the sides of cliffs or occasionally on the ground. 

Each hive or nest can house multiple bees, making them a treasure trove for honeycomb acquisition.

The Art of Harvesting Honeycomb

Harvesting honeycombs requires players to handle bees with care. 

Bees are non-aggressive creatures unless provoked or their homes disturbed. To safely obtain honeycombs, players can use shears, a versatile tool in Minecraft. 

With shears in hand, approach a beehive or bee nest and interact with it to collect honeycombs. 

However, caution is advised, as harvesting without proper precautions can lead to an angry swarm of bees attacking the player.

The Sweet Rewards: Honey and Honey Bottles

Beekeeping in Minecraft offers not only honeycombs but also sweet rewards in the form of honey and honey bottles. 

Once a beehive or nest is full of honey, players can use an empty glass bottle to collect honey. 

This process transforms the bottle into a honey bottle, a consumable item that restores hunger and offers various uses in brewing. 

The sweet taste of success in beekeeping is amplified by the satisfaction of knowing that bees continue to play a pivotal role in the game’s ecosystem.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

In “Minecraft,” the enchanting realm of virtual creativity and adventure, players can embark on exciting journeys, uncover hidden treasures, and conquer various challenges. 

One captivating aspect of the game involves the world of beekeeping and honeycomb acquisition. 

The following guide is designed to equip players with the knowledge and skills needed to master the art of beekeeping and reap the sweet rewards of honeycombs.

#1. Preparing for Beekeeping

Before delving into the world of beekeeping and honeycomb acquisition, players must adequately prepare themselves. 

Here, we will cover essential steps to ensure a smooth beekeeping experience.

  1. Crafting Shears: To begin beekeeping, players need shears, the primary tool for harvesting honeycombs. Shears can be crafted using two iron ingots arranged diagonally in a crafting table or the 2×2 crafting grid in the player’s inventory. Once equipped with shears, players are ready to interact with beehives and bee nests.
  1. Building a Smoker: To avoid aggression from bees when collecting honey or honeycombs, players can craft a smoker. A smoker is a useful tool that emits smoke and calms bees. To make a smoker, place a furnace in the center of the crafting grid and surround it with any type of wooden plank.

#2: Discovering Bees and Beehives

The next step in obtaining honeycombs is locating bees and their homes. 

This section will guide players in finding bees and the different types of bee dwellings available in Minecraft.

Flower-Rich Biomes:

Bees are commonly found in biomes that boast an abundance of flowers. Notable examples of such biomes include plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests. In these picturesque landscapes, players will encounter bees buzzing around and pollinating flowers.

Beehives and Bee Nests:

Bees in Minecraft reside in either beehives or bee nests. These structures are distinctive and can be identified by their appearance and location. Here’s what players need to know about each:

  1. Beehives: Beehives are man-made structures created by bees to house their colony. In Minecraft, beehives are found hanging from the bottom of oak or birch trees. The appearance of beehives changes as bees gather honey, ranging from empty to full stages.
  1. Bee Nests: Bee nests, on the other hand, are natural homes for bees. They can be found on the side of cliffs or, less commonly, on the ground in certain biomes. Similar to beehives, bee nests also display various stages of honey accumulation.

#3: The Harvesting Process

With the preparations complete and the location of bees and their dwellings determined, players can now move on to the thrilling part of obtaining honeycombs.

However, handling bees and harvesting honeycombs requires careful execution to avoid dangerous encounters.

The Basics of Bee Interaction

To interact with bees and their homes, players must approach the beehive or bee nest cautiously. Careless behavior may result in bees becoming agitated and attacking the player. To prevent this, players should:

  • Use a smoker: Before attempting to harvest honeycombs, right-click (Java Edition) or use the interact button (Bedrock Edition) on the smoker while holding an empty hand to emit smoke. This action calms the bees and makes them less likely to become aggressive.
  • Wearing a beekeeping suit (optional): Players can craft a beekeeping suit by combining leather and wool. Although not mandatory, wearing the suit further reduces the chances of provoking bees.

Harvesting Honeycombs

Armed with shears and equipped with the knowledge of interacting with bees safely, players can now harvest honeycombs:

  • Approach the beehive or bee nest: Carefully walk up to the hive or nest without startling the bees. Remember, slow and deliberate movements are key.
  • Harvesting honeycombs: Once at the beehive or nest, right-click (Java Edition) or use the interact button (Bedrock Edition) on it with shears in hand. Players will receive honeycombs as a result of a successful harvest.
  • Repeat the process: Multiple beehives and bee nests can be found in the Minecraft world. Continue the process of interacting with each hive or nest to accumulate a considerable number of honeycombs.

#4: The Sweet Rewards and Uses

The hard work and effort invested in beekeeping will yield not only honeycombs but also a delicious reward: honey and honey bottles. In this section, we will explore the uses and applications of these sweet and beneficial items.

Harvesting Honey

Honeycombs are not the only product of beekeeping; bees also produce honey. When a bee ive or nest is full of honey, players can collect it using empty glass bottles. This transforms the bottle into a honey bottle, a valuable consumable item.

Uses of Honey

Honey has various applications in Minecraft, making it a versatile and sought-after resource:

  • Restoring Hunger: Honey bottles can be consumed to restore hunger points, making them a valuable food source during exploration or long adventures.
  • Brewing: Honey bottles serve as ingredients in various brewing recipes, contributing to the creation of beneficial potions that enhance gameplay.
  • Curing Zombification: Villagers who have been turned into zombies can be fixed by feeding them honey. This process revives them as ordinary villagers and reestablishes a trading relationship with the player.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Without Getting Attacked

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get honeycomb in Minecraft without getting attacked.

1. Locating Bee Nests or Beehives

  • Look for bee nests in biomes where they naturally generate, such as plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests.
  • Alternatively, craft beehives using honeycombs and wood planks. Place these in suitable locations.

2. Creating a Safe Environment:

  • Bees are passive mobs unless provoked. Avoid hitting them to prevent aggression.
  • If you’re near a bee nest or beehive, ensure you have proper protective gear, such as a full set of armor.

3. Providing Flowers:

  • Place flowers near the bee nests or beehives to encourage bees to stay and produce honey.
  • Having flowers nearby helps bees maintain a calm demeanor.

4. Waiting for Honey Production:

  • Over time, bees will gather nectar and produce honey, which accumulates in the nest or hive.
  • Wait until the bee nest or beehive is visibly filled with honey.

5. Using Shears to Harvest:

  • Once the bee nest or beehive is full of honey, approach it cautiously.
  • Right-click (or use the appropriate control on your platform) with shears in hand to harvest honeycombs.
  • Bees might get agitated during harvesting but won’t attack if you’re careful.

6. Collecting Honeycombs:

  • Continue harvesting from the bee nest or beehive as long as it remains full.
  • Each harvest yields a decreasing amount of honeycombs, so be mindful.

7. Renewing Bee Nests or Beehives:

  • To avoid angering bees, keep flowers nearby to encourage their presence.
  • This maintains a positive environment for honey production.

8. Crafting and Use:

  • Use honeycombs to craft honeycomb blocks, beehives, honey bottles, and other items.
  • Honeycombs have multiple creative and functional applications in the game.

The above steps will definitely guide you on how to safely get honeycomb in Minecraft without getting attacked by the bees.

Remember that patience and cautious interaction with bees are key to obtaining honeycombs without getting attacked.

Providing a comfortable environment for bees to thrive will contribute to a successful honeycomb harvest.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Without a Beehive

For those asking how to get a honeycomb in Minecraft without a beehive, below is our sincere answer;

In Minecraft, honeycombs are primarily obtained from bee nests and beehives. However, if you don’t have access to a beehive, there is no direct way to obtain honeycombs.

Bee nests and beehives are the natural sources of honeycombs in the game.

If you’re interested in acquiring honeycombs, you’ll need to locate or create bee nests and beehives in the game world. Bee nests can be found in specific biomes, while beehives can be crafted using honeycombs and wood planks.

Once you have access to bee nests or beehives, you can follow the steps outlined earlier to harvest honeycombs.

Without bee nests or beehives, there isn’t an alternative method for obtaining honeycombs in the game.


We have explored the intriguing world of beekeeping in Minecraft and learned how to obtain honeycombs, a valuable and versatile resource in the game. 

By following the steps to prepare for beekeeping, locating bees and their dwellings, and executing the harvesting process with care, players can engage in this delightful aspect of Minecraft gameplay. 

The rewards of honey and honey bottles make the journey all the more sweet and rewarding, offering a range of benefits to players as they explore and thrive in the vast world of Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bees be tamed in Minecraft?

Bees cannot be tamed like other animals in Minecraft. They are neutral mobs that will only attack if provoked.

Do bees respawn in Minecraft?

Yes, bees do have the ability to respawn in their respective biomes. If a bee from a beehive or nest dies, a new bee can take its place and repopulate the colony.

What other items can be obtained from beehives?

In addition to honeycombs, players can occasionally find honey bottles and, more rarely, honeycomb blocks in beehives that have reached the maximum honey level.

Can honeycombs be used in any crafting recipes?

As of the Buzzy Bees update, honeycombs are mainly used to craft beehives and waxed versions of various blocks. However, always check the latest Minecraft updates, as new recipes may be added in later versions.

Where to get honeycomb in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can get honeycombs from bee nests or beehives. Moreso, bee nests can be found in specific biomes, such as plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests.


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