Top 15 Best Myrtle Beach Kids Activities In 2024

Myrtle Beach is a city and vacation resort on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast. It’s the hub of the grand strand, a 6o-mile string of beaches. Are you in search of Myrtle Beach kids activities for your young ones on your next visit to Myrtle Breach? Your search for such has ended on this page

Myrtle Beach offers greater affordability compared to the majority of beach towns along the East Coast. You can anticipate pleasant weather on the majority of days throughout the year.

The Grand Strand, where Myrtle Beach is located, provides a wide range of activities to engage in.

Adequate public services, including transportation and hospitals, are readily available.

Here in this blog post is all you need to know about some of the best Myrtle Beach Kids Activities when thinking of going on a tour towards the East Coast.

What is Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach is a bona fide kiddie wonderland, Famous for its sandy seashores and gentle ocean waves, the city offers tons of family activities on its beaches. Plus, it’s home to countless indoor playgrounds and kid-friendly activities that will entertain us, adults, too.  From life-like wax figures to a trampoline park, etc.

Myrtle Beach is an awesome holiday retreat for families, with miles of Atlantic shoreline to discover and loads of fun stuff to do. Explore the Grand Strand’s wide sandy beaches and wild coastal beauty.

Spend hours roaming the beachside arcades and amusement parks. Soar through the sky on a sling-shot ride or take a splashy waterslide trip. Reignite your sense of wonder with immersive science exhibits and up-close encounters with marine life.  

Fun Things To Do With Kids at Myrtle Beach

Here are our top picks for fun things kids can do at Myrtle Beach.

1. Watch dolphins at play

Who doesn’t love dolphins? These feisty sea mammals are always fun to watch, especially when they’re swimming free in their ocean home. Hop aboard a boat cruise at Murrells Inlet to see not only wild dolphins but sea turtles and a rich variety of birds and marine life. 

You’ll learn more about the area’s history and environment with expert narration as you glide through the inlet and out to sea. Or you could try dolphin-sighting by kayak on a leisurely paddle through the salt marshes.

2. Ripley’s Aquarium 

Looking for fun indoor things to do near you when it’s raining in Myrtle Beach? With thousands of colorful marine animals on display, Ripley’s Aquarium is the perfect pit stop on any rainy day in the city. 

Experience the extraordinary moving sidewalk – an attraction that travels through a glass tunnel inside the humongous shark tank. Then, pet the charming horseshoe crabs and harmless stingrays.

Other must-see exhibits of the aquarium include the Sea-For-Yourself Discovery Center and Rainbow Rock. The aquarium is one of the top things to do with the family in Myrtle Beach, especially since it’s suitable for youngsters of all ages. 

3. Rockin’ Jump 

Any attraction that helps encourage kids to exercise and play is something I usually recommend. That’s why Rockin’ Jump is one of our favorite fun places with children’s activities in this city. 

Rockin’ Jump offers a range of protected and padded play areas to prevent injuries. Some of the things that we love include the 360 Slam Dunk Arena, Jousting Pit, and Open Jump Arena.

Additionally, the place has a full-service cafe where you can relax as you keep an eye on your little ones via CCTV. Rockin’ Jump is more appropriate for children ages 6 and up. 

4. Family Kingdom 

Family Kingdom is a seaside-themed amusement and water park with thrills and spills to offer to the whole gang. Let the entire family experience the roller coasters of Family Kingdom, like the classic wooden Swamp Fox.

From there, make your way to Splashes Water Park and be enthralled by its aquatic rides, slides, and flumes. Family Kingdom is suitable for children ages 6 and up.  

5. Brookgreen Zoo

Brookgreen is a can’t-miss, family-friendly spot in this city, especially if you’re fond of animals.

Not only does it feature fascinating creatures, but it also has stunning sculptures and expansive gardens. Spot a bunch of charming creatures while visiting the zoo, such as the bald eagles, Spanish goats, and others.

What’s more, the zoo has a host of native animal species, like Marsh Tacky horses. Kids will love the dinosaur exhibits as well as the Dr. Seuss books brought to life. The zoo and gardens are perfect for kids of all ages.

6. Myrtle Waves 

Myrtle Waves, with over a million water gallons on its massive property, is the largest water park in the area. Known for its exciting family-friendly rides, this water park is perfect for the little ones during summer. 

You and your children will surely have a blast enjoying its fun child-friendly thrills, such as its raft rides. For the more adventurous, the park has turbo twisters and other gigantic slides.

 Myrtle Waves, however, is only during summer and has rides and activities designed for children ages 6 and up. 

7. Fun Warehouse

With a wide range of rides and activities to offer, this indoor amusement park offers a world of fun for the whole gang. Spend a few hours with the fam exploring its mini-bowling facility, soft play inflatables, laser tag and go-kart race track.

And, don’t forget to play some arcade games inside this amusement center, Once done, treat your kiddos with a little ice cream or pizza. 

Since it houses numerous family-friendly things, like the Fun Warehouse, it makes an ideal visit for children of all ages. 

8. Alligator Adventure 

Have you got a little animal lover in the family? I suggest that you head to Alligator Adventure and see one of the world’s largest reptile collections.

Get a close look at some of nature’s most beautiful and fiercest animals. Besides crocs and gators, this wildlife haven also houses other kinds of reptiles, including lizards, turtles, and snakes.

And, guess what? It also serves as a home to exotic birds, wolves, and tigers, offering a zoo-like experience. Alligator Adventure is safe and suitable for youngsters of all ages.

9. Savannah’s Playground 

Savannah’s Playground is the ultimate kiddie destination in Myrtle Beach. Nestled at the Market Common, this multi-acre children’s playground features ADA-certified equipment designed especially for the little ones.

The park gives your children the opportunity to play as well as interact socially with others through its playground equipment.

Allow them to spend some time exploring the interactive playground, music park, zipline, picnic areas, and challenge ropes. The playground is free and open to adults and children of all ages. 

Fun Things The Family Can Do Together

myrtle beach kids activities

1. Watch epic jousting battles at Medieval Times

Get transported back to a time of warring ancient kingdoms at this medieval-themed dinner theatre. Designed to resemble an 11th-century Spanish castle, Medieval Times gives you a live-action view of the pageantry and exhilaration of brave knights in battle.

Watch as knights clang and crash their way through epic one-on-one swordfights, and charge at each other on horseback in jousting matches. 

2. Get your sweet fix at I Love Sugar

Unlike Charlie in the Willy Wonka books, you don’t need to wait for a golden ticket to enter a fantasy world of candy and chocolate at Myrtle Beach. Just step inside the I Love Sugar shop and choose from a mind-boggling selection of sweet indulgences.

Satisfy all your sugar cravings with gelato, jelly beans, lollypops, jawbreakers, and even the world’s largest gummy bears in a rainbow of fruity flavors. Set in a bright two-floor shop, it’s a fun place to linger and look around even if you don’t want to sugar up.

3. Explore the arcades

Before the days of PlayStations and Twitch tournaments, kids had to find their way to arcades for some gaming action. The arcades of Myrtle Beach bring this pre-Xbox era back to life with retro games like pinball and Pac-Man to play amidst a clamor of bells and flashing neon lights. 

Fun Plaza on Ocean Boulevard is a beloved old-school arcade, while the huge arcade attached to Dave & Buster’s restaurant offers more cutting-edge games.

Play while browsing for souvenirs at the popular Gay Dolphin shop arcade, and be sure to fuel up on corn dogs and snow cones for the full beachside arcade experience.

4. Try horseback riding on the beach

Gallop along the soft sands of Grand Strand on this scenic horseback riding tour at Inlet Point Plantation. This former plantation covers thousands of acres of land with a private beachfront and trails that lead through pristine wilderness.

Riders are paired with horses to suit their age, size, and skill level, so there’s no need to skip the tour even if you’ve never ridden a horse before.

Younger kids will love the pony rides around the pecan grove. Try to book a morning tour during the muggy summer months when it’s cooler. 

5. Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center 

Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center is home to a trio of enjoyable things for families, From celebrity wax figures to mazes, this complex teems with family fun. 

Start your visit by checking out the astonishing, life-size wax figures of the museum. Afterward, challenge the cognitive ability of your little ones by allowing them to navigate through Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors.

While a bit scary for smaller children, the 3rd attraction, Outbreak: Dread of the Undead, will provide some thrills for the older kids. Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Hollywood Wax Museum are perfect for kids of all ages.

6. Hit the beach

Stretching up the South Carolina coast for 100 kilometers, the Grand Strand is a beach lover’s dream. Bring or rent chairs and umbrellas to set the family up for a day of sun-basking and sea swims. 

Run barefoot across the powder-soft sands and let the wee ones splash in the shallows or catch waves with their boogie boards. Don’t forget to pack buckets and spades for some sandcastle building.

Find a section of sand in the heart of Myrtle Beach for easy access to all its entertainment, shopping, and dining spots. 


The above list of best Myrtle Beach Kids Activities is well sorted to give you diverse choices when faced with the right decision on where to take your kids for fun and engaging picnics.

Myrtle Beach is a fun place for kids to be and enjoyable for the entire family. It creates a good atmosphere for bonding within the family.  It is very recommended for everyone in and around the environment.



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